10 Turntable Kitchen Organizers for Decluttering Your Cabinets

10 Turntable Kitchen Organizers for Decluttering Your Cabinets

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I don’t know if this is a Midwestern thing, but growing up, houses with pantries always seemed … fancier. Now that I live in a small NYC apartment, the concept of having what’s essentially a walk-in closet for your dry foods sounds like even more of a luxury. But regardless of whether you’re working with shelves upon shelves of dedicated pantry space or a couple of measly cabinets, food storage is hard. A few good organizers can go a long way no matter the size of your kitchen, so all hope is not lost when it comes to maximizing storage space. Here at Kitchn, we’re huge fans of rotating organizers in particular because not only do they make their area look neater, but they give you easier access to whichever ingredient or condiment bottle you need. There’s much to be said for reaching inside the fridge and successfully grabbing the mustard without knocking anything down in the process!

Below, you’ll see some of our editors’ favorite kitchen turntables, as well as a few others you’re bound to enjoy. Who knows — they might just make your limited cabinet space feel like a full-blown pantry.

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