Celebrities starstruck by royalty: from Beyoncé to Madonna

Celebrities are often considered to be Hollywood royalty with their money, jewels and lavish lifestyles.

But occasionally the biggest names in showbiz get starstruck when they encounter actual royalty.

Just take Leonardo DiCaprio for example.

The Academy Award-winning actor looked totally starstruck when he bumped into Prince Charles at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in the UK at COP26 in November 2021.

Photos from the chance encounter show Leo grinning with flushed cheeks as he chatted with fellow environmental activist Charles and fashion designer Stella McCartney.

And he’s not the only big name actor who has been left blushing after meeting a royal.

Daniel Craig, Angelina Jolie and many more movie stars have been left starstruck by the British royals, as have a number of musicians, including the Spice Girls!

Keep reading to see what happens to Hollywood heavyweights when they are in the presence of reigning royals.

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