Dutton and Cash might be ineligible for Parliament

Under their flawless logic that a cross always means no, two senior Liberals have some serious questions to answer.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton
Opposition Leader Peter Dutton (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

When it comes to how various markings should be counted in the vote on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament, the Coalition is nothing if not consistent. “I mean, if a tick counts for Yes, then a cross should count for No,” Opposition Leader Peter Dutton told 2GB as part of his ongoing quest to enrich national politics by scraping the bottom of every barrel he encounters into woodchips.

“I just think it just stinks to be honest,” he added, speaking about a rule that has stood for decades, and that he never once challenged during the 15 of those years he was a member of the governing party.

“If a tick counts for Yes, a cross should count for No. To do otherwise gives the Yes case an unfair advantage. The decision to treat ticks as ‘yes’ but crosses as ambiguous is a decision the AEC has made,” Michaelia Cash agreed, reaffirming the shamelessness that previously saw her accept the role of attorney-general without audibly laughing.

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