Latrell Mitchell told to ‘stick to himself’ by former teammate Adam Reynolds

“Latrell is a great mate of mine, I respect what he does on the field and what he does off the field, he just needs to remain solid in what he believes in.

“I remember being at the club and when I was there it was still the same thing. I don’t know if it’s just because of how he is and his personality, he’s a big name in the game and obviously draws a bit of attention.


“He’s a powerful figure in the game, and he’s got great support around him who genuinely care about him, so it will be no different when he comes back.”

Reynolds has not taken the field with Mitchell for two years but he has spent the 2023 season alongside another fullback whose “erratic” nature drew external ire.

Reece Walsh has emerged as the buy of the season in Broncos’ colours, garnering a State of Origin debut and thrusting Brisbane from the finals outer to minor premiership frontrunners.

Reece Walsh and the Broncos have the top spot in sight.

Reece Walsh and the Broncos have the top spot in sight.Credit: Getty

However, earlier this year an on-field verbal tirade cost him a three-week suspension, with pundits across the game blasting him for his seemingly immature outburst.

Yet Reynolds has noticed a rapid evolution in the 21-year-old since his return.

The Broncos skipper said Walsh had been quick to learn from his mistakes and disregard any criticism of him, and the No.1 had an outstanding showing against Canberra (a try, a field goal, two try assists, two line breaks, eight tackle busts and 145m).


“He’s been a lot calmer on the field. I know he’s a bit erratic at times, but it’s something we love about it,” Reynolds said.

“He can play off the cuff, he comes up with things that you haven’t planned for during the week, and he’s got that X-factor about him.

“When you’ve got all this pressure and expectation on you, he doesn’t seem to worry about it all.

“He wants to win, he’s a winner, and wants to compete hard on every play.”

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