News Corp, Rupert Murdoch and the #MeToo movement

News Corp is, above all else, a political organisation. And there is always the risk that it will place its own imperatives above the interests of a vulnerable person with whose story it has been entrusted.

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This is the latest instalment in The Murdoch Century, a series examining the legacy of News Corp and Rupert Murdoch.

On my professional plate are several dozen uniquely precious possessions: the names and stories of survivors of sexual assaults and other forms of violence and abuse. The offences they have suffered involved the loss of their agency, and I have learnt that the most important priority is the restoration of identity and story to their sole ownership and control.

Among the current pile are allegations that would make you gasp, even after all the revelations of the past several years. I know of rapes committed by some very powerful men, so far unreported. In my work with their survivors, among the questions that frequently (not always) arise is this one: should they go public with their story, and/or their name, and if so, how?

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