‘Purest star in the Murdoch firmament’: Miranda Devine

Expat shock merchant Miranda Devine draws international attention for her full-throated support of former US president Donald Trump.

Miranda Devine in 2018
Miranda Devine in 2018 (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Given the way our media greedily imbibe far-right talking points and conspiracy theories from the US, it was probably inevitable that we would send back a cluster of those preoccupations knotted together in human form.

As the Dominion/Fox lawsuit looms, our very own Miranda Devine has been singled out by the Semafor Media column as “the newest, purest star in the Murdoch firmament … [who’s] emerged as perhaps America’s most important pro-Trump columnist at a moment when Murdoch is, allegedly, moving on”.

We’ve long followed Devine’s work in and about the US, and it’s true — even before she moved there, none of the Sky News after dark carnival could match her zeal as Trump’s most committed Australian adulator, and she stuck by him after most of the others had belatedly found their moral centre.

Read more about the many tall-tales-could-be-true of Miranda Devine.

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