Qantas boss ‘faces the music’ at Senate cost of living hearing

Sky News Political Editor says Qantas boss Alan Joyce had to “face the music” at a Senate cost of living hearing over the high price of airfares and a failure to pay back flight credits.

Qantas failed to pay back “hundreds of millions” worth of flight credits at a time they were recording record high profits, Mr Clennell said.

“The hearing came against this backdrop of the government recently refusing Qatar Airways extra weekly flights into Australia – something that could lower the price of airfares,” he said.

“The politicians were into Alan Joyce for his lobbying of government … Joyce was copping it over his salary and how he had fixed his bonus.

“The CEO also copped it over how the airline was dealing with flight credits accumulated during the airline shutdown during the COVID pandemic.

“Credits that haven’t been paid yet.”

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