The Masked Singer Australia 2023: Who are the contestants?


Can you guess who’s behind the Grim Reaper mask?

The Masked Singer Australia will be returning to our screens on September 11 and we cannot wait to discover which celebrities are hiding under each mask.

Abbie Chatfield, Chrissie Swan, and Mel B will return to the judging panel with Dave Hughes to guide the audience along through the whirlwind guessing game.

Previous winners Cody Simpson, Bonnie Anderson, Anastacia and Melody Thornton all blew our socks off with stellar performances, but our favourite moments are when our judging panel and hosts have taken the heads off the elaborate costumes to reveal the celeb hiding underneath!

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Masked Singer Australia 2023 judges: Chrissie Swan, Abbie Chatfield, Mel B and Dave Hughes. (Image: Network Ten)

So far, we’ve cheered for throwback icons like Nikki Webster, George Calombaris, Shannon Noll and Axel Whitehead but what about this year?

According to betting platform Sportsbet, fans are already placing their bets on the likes of Samantha Jade to appear.

Let’s get guessing on which celebs will be heading to the stage and singing into the Masked Singer mic…

Last year’s winner was American singer Melody Thornton, as Mirrorball. (Image: Network Ten)
Bouncer the kangaroo’s voice was teased, singing the unofficial Australian anthem… AKA John Farnham’s You’re The Voice.

Listen to the clip below to see if you agree with the social media comments saying it could be:

“Conrad Sewell!!! Amazing voice omg. Very distinctive, you could tell from the first few notes,”

“I’ll eat my hat if that’s not @conradofficial,” a different user agreed.

Cowgirl: Reality television queen or Grammy winner

Get ready for this cowgirl to bellow till the cows come home. Her blue and white markings pair well with her Barbie pink cowgirl outfit!

Ever since Cowgirl’s voice was released, fans are flooding the comments that it’s Courtney Act (an Aussie drag queen from Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 6) high-pitched voice singing in the trailer!

“Reality television queen? It’s our Courtney finally!”

“That is, without a shadow of a doubt, our Courtney. Back home a few weeks ago, that high-pitched voice is pretty unmistakable. That’s our reality TV queen right there!”

Crash Test Dummy: Hollywood heartthrob or sporting hero

All we can think about is that the Hollywood Heartthrob could be Harry Demming who sang ‘Crash Test Dummy’.

Or could Crash Test Dummy be sporting hero Brendan Fevola, a former AFL player who canceled his Europe trip due to scheduling conflicts.
Speaking with radio co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cox on Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev & Nick, Brendan hinted at a surprise appearance after saying he was ”supposed to go to Europe next holidays” but that the trip had been ”cancelled” for mystery reasons.

In response, Fifi exclaimed ”You are 100% going on The Masked Singer” to which Brendan responded ”don’t ruin it.”

”You know what’s killing you right now? You’ve signed the contract and it’s got all the confidentiality bits and you know the producers are listening and they’re like, ‘He has said something, he’s told someone,”’ Fifi then added.

AFL players are crash test dummies on the field afterall. (Image: Supplied, Getty)

Space Fairy: NO ONE will ever guess

No one will ever guess huh?

We see why, as the comment section for Space Fairy is divided.

Could it “be Sia maybe?”

Or “Tones and I maybe?”

Or even “I think it sounds like Anne-Marie?”

We had a listen, and “100% Jade McRae” could be a strong contender.

Snow Wolf: Global superstar

We only got a glimpse in the teaser trailer, but now that we’ve got a snippet of her voice, it’s a tough call.

If she is a global superstar, could she be Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls?

Or “Amberrrrrr Riley 99%” from Glee?

Or even “Casey Donovan?” As she sure does have the vocal power for ‘Addicted to you!’

Grim Reaper: A voice of an angel

Be warned, this mask will certainly scare the kids at home.

Luckily this Grim Reaper has the voice of an angel…

Do you think it’s MIKA (who sings ‘Relax Take It Easy’) or Australian star Darren Hayes?

The Masked Singer Australia has also released snippets of costumes that are yet to be released including Bambi, a peculiar gold chain and even mysterious close-ups of fluffy pants.

The competition will air on September 11, 2023 on Ten and 10Play.

Stay tuned for more clues and character teasers.

Who are behind these three costumes? (Image: Supplied)

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