Victorian government rushed scalping decision

EXCLUSIVE: Briefed ahead of time about a secret concert date, the Victorian government rushed to use its anti-scalping powers for Swift’s Era Tour.

(Image: Frontier Touring, Supplied)

The Victorian government has 14 days to decide on whether to use powers to thwart ticket scalpers for major events like music concerts. But such is the importance of Taylor Swift that a request from her tour organiser was rushed through in just one day.

In June, Victorian Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos declared Taylor Swift’s Melbourne concert dates a “major event”, activating legal restrictions against selling tickets more than 10% above their original value and limiting sales to only through official resellers.

Pre-sale VIP tickets were purchasable the day before and were already listed on resale websites at excessively high markups, according to consumer organisation CHOICE.

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