Vladimir Putin supporter Timati takes over Domino’s Pizza in Russia

In July, the government seized control of the Russian subsidiaries of French yoghurt maker Danone and Danish brewer Carlsberg. Dutch brewer Heineken said last week it had sold its Russian operations for a symbolic one euro.

The shakeout has led to several high-profile rebrandings, with Lego stores becoming “World of Cubes”, Krispy Kreme morphing into “Krunchy Dream”, and McDonald’s restaurants being relaunched as “Vkusno & tochka”, or “Tasty and that’s it”.

After the Starbucks deal, Pinskiy and Timati unveiled their new brand, Stars Coffee, in August 2022. Pinskiy later said he paid around 500 million roubles ($8 million) for the assets.

He said he had also participated in the tender to buy McDonald’s former restaurants in Russia and had even signed a preliminary contract before ultimately losing out to businessman and McDonald’s franchisee Alexander Govor.

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